A Full Service Library Media Center

Tenafly Commencement Ceremonies 2016

  • Library's Interdepartmental Cyber Cafe conference area


Tenafly High School’s Lalor Library Media Center continues to set the standard in providing end to end services enabling teachers to teach and students to learn. Populated with the best resources and equipment – supported by the highest quality staff, we seamlessly integrate all media in one centrally located complex. Shakespeare, television broadcast, Xeroxing, Mozart, coffee, conferencing, video editing, maps, novels, laptops, a grand piano, displays, movies, meetings, art,  an academic  theater, tape, rulers, tissues, and sometimes a model railway – all under one roof – literally.

Well over 1000 students and faculty use our services daily. Electronically, we reach out to many others via Internet and a 24/7 television broadcast. Every classroom and home in our community and beyond has access providing a valuable school / community / world connection. We regularly receive school library media personnel, school administrators and state officials as they are curious about our facility and want to see it in action.

We welcome you – come and experience!

Exploration and Impression

Students are encouraged to explore topics related to coursework and discover new interests in spacious and welcoming surroundings. Our library and its contents are designed to encourage students’ knowing and liking the world. State-of-the-art technology and a wide range of resources make research efficient and allow students to gain new and different impressions concerning subjects of all kinds.

Creative Expression

As students build knowledge concerning various topics, creative expression is encouraged. Included within the library media center complex is a media production lab, and a fully equipped professional television studio flanked with bookshelves and a courtyard backdrop. The library’s studio regularly broadcasts programs and events locally and internationally on a wide range of topics.

On Behalf of the World

Students are encouraged to make full use of the library media center to further their study, broaden and deepen their minds, and express creativity with a hope that they will use knowledge on behalf of one world we share.