by Brian P. Cory

The panelists offered countless nuggets during the March 24th event.  There were points of agreement as well as points of healthy debate. The ten “nuggets” below emerged as significant common threads.

We must create, support, and sustain:

  • an education system which honors and cultivates strengths, passions and creativity (of students as well as teachers and reflected in legislation and policy.

  • an educational landscape free of fears and quotas.

  • liberty for and practices of the customization of teaching and learning.

  • efforts to professionalize the teaching profession by recruiting, developing and retaining the best and the brightest professionals.

  • rich environments designed to expand social, emotional and intellectual abilities to prepare students for the test of life - not a life of tests.

  • humane programs and sufficient funding from prenatal care to beyond the twelfth grade.

  • education that is viewed as a body of work capable of shaping communities and the future.

  • assessments designed to assess what we value.

  • “research schools” which serve as new vehicles for education and in which new research (especially on the brain) is field tested.

  • the updating of existing out-moded and hierarchical Program of Studies.