by Brian P. Cory

In an effort to synthesize and encapsulate all that was offered during the March 24th event, the following framework is offered for ongoing reflection and to serve as a compass for encouraging future action:

If we are to ignite the future trajectory of the landscape of education, we must create new designs and forms of the main parts of “the apple.”

From the inside-out…..

I.   New Core
          Mission Statement
……develop a mission statement
for Our Nation's Schools

II. New Flesh
.....engage in inclusive conversation to flesh out what we value as a system of education, as educators, and as members of the global community

III. New Skin
           Schooling with Students in Mind......define the things (policies, practices, programs, etc.) that should be revered as essential cornerstones in developing an effective & inspiring education for all students while supporting our mission statement and values;  and identify the things (policies, practices, programs, etc.) which define the current  system of education and its practices that must change or be removed to support our mission statement and values

IV. New Stem
           Connection to the Greater Good......envision and foster the connections of mission statement, values, and changes from school to school, school to community, school to state, school to country, and school to world