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Biennial Egg Incubation

Students have been asking about hatching eggs in the library of which we have begun.   Students remember when we brought 20 chicks into the world two years ago.   Two dozen fertilized eggs from Abma’s Farm are set in our library’s incubator.  The eggs have already been used for a lesson  for our preschool class.  The lesson, borrowed from this lesson,  describes the 7000  pores found in the egg shell letting in needed air, and keep harmful germs out.  Learning how the egg shell can be a means to help make the embryo stronger can help illustrate day to day selections and decisions that can make an individual stronger.

7 thoughts on “THS-Multiviewer
  1. Gigi says:

    The egg in the top left corner is cracking!

  2. Daniel SHin says:


  3. Emma F. says:

    There are chicks roaming around!!!

  4. Mary Mangiat says:

    Thank you for sharing your chick live feed. I will definitely share with our teachers. I also enjoyed viewing your web design. Which software does your district use?
    Happy Earth Weekend!

    • ddigregorio says:

      Thanks Ms. Mangiat – we are using Word Press and chose a simple theme. This allows for more innovation and flexibility in embedding video, posting, tracking users, etc. the chic egg incubation, draws a huge amount of interest.

  5. Our chicks have what is called “pasty butt” and we are treating them as called for:

  6. Awesome article thank you for sharing.

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